Is The Sensor In The New Canon 1DX Mark II Going Be The Best Ever?

For quite a while now Canon shooters keep quiet every time dynamic range comparisons or sensor quality ratings are up for discussion. Canon’s sensors dynamic range has to be one of the main reasons why it’s top end camera, and overall its highest ranking sensor, is found in the not-so-favourable 35th place in the DxoMark’s rankings. Actually it shares the spot with a amateur’s camera made by Nikon in the sub-500 dollars mark.

This could seriously change if the recent talk regarding the 1D X MkII are indeed correct, and Canon might dethrone the mighty Nikon D810.

Canon 1DX Mark II sensor will offer the best quality on the market to date

Canon 1DX Mark II sensor is rumoured to offer the best dynamic range and ISO capabilities on the market to date

Canon Rumors suggests that it has been told that the Canon 1DX successor will “see a huge improvement” in terms of dynamic range and sensor quality. The eventual upgrade is rumoured to be so remarkable that it will lead to the camera sensor offering more Dynamic Range than any other DSLR available on the market currently.

It is also suggested that the brand new Sony sensors that might be released by the time the 1D X successor is announced might keep Nikon and Sony’s advantage in the DR area, but Canon users will most likely be happy with any upgrade that might help bump their camera sensors to anywhere near the top of the DXO’s list.

Obviously improved dynamic range will not be enough to take over the DxOMark camera sensor rating board, but when you add to it improved ISO quality and range and you just might be looking at a clear winner.

If you  add to all that the previous rumour about a suggested “quantum leap” in FPS while burst shooting, bump in sensor resolution and advanced Nikon-like flash control capabilities and the new 1DX Mk II might just become the best high-end DSLR camera for any job that doesn’t require the monstrous 50 megapixels of the Canon 5DS.

Canon 1DX Mark II or Canon EOS 1DX Mark II

The new camera’s features will require serious computing power, will we see a new Digic7 processor in 2016?

With so many cutting edge features the camera will require a serious processing power and Canon Rumours  thinks that the Japan based company’s next flagship DSLR might sport a brand new DIGIC 7 CPU, instead of the dual Digic 5 processors spotted in the current camera model or the new DIGIC 6 CPU that was introduced in 2013.

As always with the good stuff comes the bad and we have to remember that even if all of this come true indeed the Canon’s top DSLR will carry a top price tag. On the other hand we all can be happy about this because it will be only a matter of time before these new features are spotted in the lower class camera – the Canon 5D series and below.

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