Is Canon 1DX Mark II Coming In Early 2016?

Canon 1DX Mark II or Canon EOS 1DX Mark II

Is Canon EOS 1DX Mark II Coming In 2016 At All?

There isn’t much to be said about the new EOS-1D X Mark II at the very moment… Canon leaks for the moment are relatively well contained, although we are trying hard to confirm a few things we heard.

A reliable source told us that the Canon 1D X Mark II will be in stores no later than April this year, but that the Japanese company has yet to announcement the exact date. There is no indication that this might be a Photokina 2016 product.

The big question is how the upcoming Canon 5D Mark IV or 5DX will come to play in all of this? Would it be possible that Canon could wait yet another long year to announce it? A camera that will surely be one of the most popular Canon DSLR since the unveiling of the infamous Canon EOS 5D Mark III in the distant 2012? There has been some roomers about the Canon 5D Mark III successor, but very little can be confirmed at this time.

The only thing for the moment that is confirmed for the Canon 1D X Mk II is that it will definitely shoot native 4K video and that there might not be a direct successor to the EOS-1D C.

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