Canon 1DX Starts Arriving In Large Numbers

The EOS 1DX Mark II Finally Arriving

Canon has finally caught up with the pre-order demand for the Canon 1DX Mark II. We see more and more people receiving the camera and posting photos and reviews online. Initially America and Europe are starting the catch up, but we soon expect the Canon flagship camera to start deliveries around the world as well.

Canon 1dx mark ii starts shipping

You can already buy the Canon 1DX Mark II

You can order the Canon 1DX Mark II via Adorama or Amazon via our links or shop around on your own, there are even some camera bodies to be found in places like eBay and whatnot.

The situation is unusual because most retailers do not receive enough stock to meet the huge demand for the new DSLR. Most retailers are just managing to fulfil the initial pre-order list, but Canon assures more shipments will arrive in May and June. There are also some reports that the recent earthquake in Japan disrupted production for a while, but we can neither deny or confirm this information.

In the meantime DPreview posted a studio test of the new camera, check it out!

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