Adorama’s David Bergman Canon 1DX Mark II Test Shoot

David Bergman’s Own Words:

14 RAW frames per second for over 12 seconds without hitting the buffer? That’s a lot of pictures!

I got the email from Adorama that we all dream about — I could try the new Canon EOS 1DX Mark IIbody ahead of the official announcement. I immediately had fantasies of making a video about my experience while traveling the world with the camera, shooting the type of work that I do: big concerts, sporting events, and celebrity portraits.

But then came the catch. I could only have the camera for a few hours. The next day. That’s it.

OK, so I couldn’t take it to shoot models in Belize, stadium concerts in Europe, or the Super Bowl.

I called my friend David Geffin (shameless plug – he is co-producing my new web show “Two Minute Tips with David Bergman”) and told him we were going to shoot something fun the next morning.

Since we had such a short time, I wanted to simply use the camera in a real world situation and see how it felt. When I called around looking for a venue to use, I had to be super top-secret and tell them I was shooting a sports photography educational video. I picked a college gym, because that’s a common, low-light scenario that a lot of us deal with. I shot the images at 1/500 5.6 and at a whopping 12,800 ISO.

Whenever anyone else walked into the gym, I covered up the markings so no one could see what camera I was shooting with.

Canon calls the camera I used a “beta sample,” which means it may not be exactly the same as the final production units that will ship. Since the engineers are known to tweak the files up until the last possible minute, I’m not able to post any full resolution images or video from this shoot.

You can read about all the specs online, so I just touched on the things that are most important to me. Suffice to say, this will be my go-to camera for all my sports and concert shooting.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for the buffer to stop.

Until Next Time,
David Bergman

Video produced by Geffin Media and David Bergman
I’d like to thank Adorama, Canon, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Catherine Alves, Alana Casner and Maya Jordan.


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