1DX Mark II New Silent 4K RAW Capture Feature Revealed?

1Dx Mark II To Have A New 4K Raw Frame Grab Feature ?

RAW 4K Capture Feature Coming for Frame Grabs? [CR1]

Canon Rumours suggests a story  about a brand new feature that the Japan based company is working on for new silent shooting 4K mode. It is explained in the paragraph below:

… a new Canon design that can do short bursts of raw 4k footage, at smaller than regular video frame rate, to enable high quality frame grabs in silent shooting mode…

Using frame grabs from high definition 4K video for still photos is something people have been using since the introduction of the EOS-1D C series cameras and Canon has even marketed the technique publicly. It is most likely that the area will see some advancement going forward in the future. This is not a confirmed news, it is from an unknown source so don’t take it as a confirmed truth.

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